European Voluntary Service

You can also do a European Voluntary Service, EVS, in Switzerland. The EVS is voluntary work supported by the programme Erasmus+. EVS enables you to go abroad –e.g. to Switzerland – for 2-12 months and do voluntary work there. The volunteer is working with the Receiving Organisation and gains a lot of new professional and intercultural knowledge. EVS is open to everyone from 17-30 years. Prior knowledge is not necessary, you just need to be motivated for the project and the new country and its culture.

Current offers

You can also do an EVS in Switzerland - you don't even need to be able to speak one of Switzerland's national languages.

EVS projects in Switzerland
Following organisations are responsible for coordinating EVS projects in Switzerland. You can find current projects on their website :


Feel free to contact any of the Swiss Receiving and Coordinating Organisations for further information:

AFS Switzerland (DE / FR / IT)

Cevi (CVJM/CVJF) Basel (DE)

Cevi (CVJM/CVJF) Zürich (EN / DE)

ICYE Schweiz (DE / FR)

SCI Schweiz (DE / FR / IT)

Workcamp Switzerland (EN / DE / FR)

Verein Schloss Glarisegg (EN / DE)

YFU Schweiz (DE / FR)


Unfortunately, web information is not always available in English. Don’t bother to ask directly at a specific organisation for more information – our Eurodesk Switzerland Team is also happy to answer your questions.

EVS – What You Get
The Receiving Organisation offers accommodation and food, also they include you in their activities on-site and provide contact to your personal mentor during your EVS experience. This mentor is supporting you during your EVS experience and helps improve your learning process.

The Coordinating Organisation submits the application to Movetia and is administratively responsible for the EVS. After the EVS you will get a Youthpass certificate stating your voluntary work for further job inquiries. While doing your EVS, the organisation you will be working at is providing you with free accommodation. Early on in the description of the EVS project you will be informed what kind of accommodation you can expect (single dormitory, room at a local’s house or in a shared flat etc.). The programme covers an allowance of 400 CHF for your journey/flight to Switzerland. Also you will be provided with a little pocket money of at least 162 CHF per month and a little salary for organisational support of at least 769 CHF per month (depends on the length of your stay).

Here you find hosting organisations, which work together with ICYE Switzerland. If you are interested in any of those organisations, feel free to contact evs(at)
Bénévolat VD – Centre for Associative Competences (FR)
Fri-Son – Cultural Organisation doing alternative Music (DE / FR)
KiM Jugendland – Youth Organisation near Basel (DE)
Théâtre du Crochetan – Theatre, Dance and Music Organisation near Montreux (FR)
Fondation Mère Sofia – Soup Kitchen to aid people (FR)
LivrEchange – Intercultural Library in the Canton Fribourg (DE / FR)

Here you find organisations coordinated by SCI Schweiz. If you are interested in any of those organisations, feel free to contact evs(at)

Zirkus Lollypop – Circus, Youth and International Projects (DE)
Genossenschaft Ökodorf Sennrüti – Project dedicated to Sustainability, Ecology and Spirituality near St. Gallen (DE)
Friedensrat Schweiz – Swiss Peace Council in Zürich (DE)
Verein MUNTERwegs – Intergenerational Mentoring Programme with children (DE)
Ecole d’Humanité – „School of Humanity“ promoting social competences (EN / DE)
Zentrum Schweibenalp – Centre of Unity and Inspiration in Canton Berne (EN / DE)

The EVS Experience
Before you head off to your EVS experience you will be prepared for your stay by your Sending Organisation at home. Intercultural themes or participation will be discussed to help you integrate yourself on-site in the new environment. During your EVS in Switzerland you will also attend two more seminars with other EVS volunteers in Switzerland. These two seminars are the On-Arrival-Training and the Mid-Term-Evaluation. These courses help you engage with other peers who are also doing an EVS in Switzerland and who share your concerns and hopes. In the seminar the experiences of the EVS volunteers will be reflected and by that the learning process supported.

During your stay the volunteer is working between 30 and 38 hours in the organisation, which is receiving him/her. You will be participating at daily activities but also you will have time to pursue your own projects. Also you can do a language course in any of Switzerland’s national languages.

On the official European Voluntary Service website you find testimonials by former volunteers, which might help you in making your decision. If you have any questions on the procedure of EVS you can always ask directly at Movetia or the Eurodesk Switzerland Team for more information on the programme.