Scholarship for graduate trainees for volunteer projects abroad

Thanks to the cooperation between the Mercator Association and ICYE Switzerland and SCI Switzerland, it is possible to travel abroad at a reasonable price.

Have you ever thought about going abroad for long-term voluntary work but eventually changed your mind because of the costs? If you are an apprentice between the ages of 18 and 25, you can solve the problem by participating in the "Engag√©-e dans le monde entier!" ("Engag√©-e dans le monde entier!", "Weltweit engagiert") programme created by the cooperation between the Mercator Association and ICYE and SCI Switzerland.  

With SCI Switzerland you can go on long-term voluntary work (3-12 months) in Africa, Asia, Latin America, or in Russian-speaking countries with the "Towards the East" programme. You can find current offers in the database: Here you will find general information and prices for long-term volunteering (in French or German): .

While here the information about the scholarship (in French or German) which covers 50% of the costs.

With ICYE Switzerland you can volunteer in the following countries: Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Uganda, Peru, Taiwan and Vietnam. The scholarship covers 50% of the costs for volunteers starting from 3 months.  

All information about the scholarship, possible projects and fees can be found here (in French or German).

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