Guide: What steps to start a mobility project?

Would you like to go abroad or have an experience away from home but don't know how? Here are our tips for you!

Going abroad or to another language region is the dream of many people, but often what holds you back is not knowing which way to start planning your stay. We at Eurodesk have a few tips for you below.  

1. Clarify your objectives   

First of all, clarify what is the goal of your stay abroad: to learn or perfect a language? To gain work experience? Discover a new culture? Having a clear goal in mind is important to find the right offer for you, but also not to be disappointed by your stay and to be able to evaluate your experience once you return.

2. Compare the various possibilities

Once your goal is clear, you need to find the kind of experience that suits you best. Whether it's a language school, volunteer work, internship or simply a trip, compare your options and take the time to decide. Not all language schools are the same and not all volunteers offer the same possibilities. If you do not know where to find information or you are undecided about several options, you can contact Eurodesk, we can advise you for free and without obligation!

3. Find out about your destination

After choosing the option that suits you, inform yourself about your destination country: Do I need a visa to enter? How is the cost of living? Do you need vaccinations? Are there any dangers to consider? On the Confederation's website you will find up-to-date information on all countries. For European countries you can also consult the Eures database, which also contains information on the cost of living.

For health-related information see (in French or German):

4. Carefree Parts

Before you leave, check that everything is in order at insurance level and if you are leaving for a long time, pause your telephone and internet subscriptions, options that can now be activated with all telephone providers. Remember that it is usually cheaper to change money directly on the spot, but for the first expenses it is good to have a small amount of the currency in question or dollars or euros depending on your destination. If you are a Swiss national, you can also register your stay with the confederation's Itineris project:

Do you have any more questions? Contact us for free and without obligation.